Who's Better At Fetching A Beer, A Trained Rabbit Or A Dog? People Need To Know These Things

When it comes to choosing a pet, a deciding factor should definitely be how accomplished it is at getting you a beer. Time is of the essence when you've run out of a cold one and need a refill. If your pet takes too long then the beer won't be ice cold and refreshing. A big no-no.

Take the video above for instance, a girl's boyfriend has trained her pet bunny to get him a beer using a specially built contraption, a cardboard beer cart, which the bunny pushes along. It's pretty impressive but it's kind of slow too.

Plus it raises the question: how does the bunny open the fridge? Do you have to do that? Because that completely defeats the purpose.

Certain animals are just better suited to beer-fetching than others. Take man's best friend for example. Dogs have an appetite to please and so are naturally suited to getting you a beer on command. Just take a look at these examples. And then go get a dog.

If you need more proof than take a look at these canine candidates below:


Here's Jeff the Golden Retriever who on command heads to the fridge, grabs a beer, and brings it to his owner.

Trained since he was a puppy, this dog is exemplary at grabbing a beer for his master.

Here's Duke, he's another Golden Retriever—maybe they have a propensity for this? Like St. Bernard's do with rescuing people from mountains.

Meet Peach, not only can Peach fetch a beer it'll throw away your empties too.

A simple "Beer me" is all that's needed for this labrador to take a trip to the fridge to fetch a cold one.

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