Valentine's Day Is Fast Approaching - Two Tiny Hamster Go On An Adorable Tiny Date

Don't fret about the annual loneliness fest that is Valentine's Day, instead enjoy a date where you have no part of it whatsoever—that way you won't be disappointed or have a hefty chunk of your wallet removed.

Instead watch two adorable hamsters do all the romance so you don't have to, and can instead get on with feeling sorry for yourself while gorging on chocolate/beer/chocolate beer.

Make cooing sounds of cute as the hamsters share a plate of spaghetti Lady and The Tramp-style, tilt your head in emotive adorability as they go on a tiny gondola cruise. Feel the soul-crushing reality of your own forsaken existence as you watch this pair of tiny fur balls live a better life than you ever could.

The video was the latest release from YouTubers Hello Denizen, who are experts in creating very cute videos of hamsters doing stuff like go on dates, eat tiny burritos, and other awwww-inducing activities.

Check them out below.

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