Can A Walmart Huffy Survive A Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? This Guy Finds Out The Hard Way

They might be an affordable choice of bicycle, but can a Walmart mountain bike, made from cheaper materials to keep it so affordable, survive an actual downhill mountain bike trail ridden by someone who likes to ride hard? There's only one way to find out, and that's to put it to the test by riding it down one.

The brave man who is undertaking such a task is pro downhill mountain bike racer Phil Kmetz. Kmetz gets himself down to his local Walmart to pick up a Huffy Carnage Mountain Bike at a cost of $179. Before he puts it through its paces he acknowledges that Huffy did a good job of making it at least look like a decent mountain bike.

But while it may look the part, and have all the right bits, we all know looks can be deceptive.

Kemtz has plenty of experience riding mountain bikes in extreme places, he's ridden the Manizales Urban Downhill Race set on the streets, sidewalks, and stairs of the city of Manizales in Columbia. But he admits that before taking the Huffy for a spin on the Hawleywood Jump trail (a double black diamond downhill trail) at the Thunder Mountain Bike Park in Charlemont, Massachusetts he feels a little uneasy that it's not up to the task.

Still he's committed to it now, so with his friend following behind and filming, off he sets into the unknown.

Halfway through the trail the brake pads are already worn down 50 per cent, but onwards he goes. Before long, after the handle bars go a bit FUBAR, the rest of the experience starts to become a bit of an endurance test.

Did it survive? Well, watch the video and find out. Then you can hear Kemtz gives his verdict at the end, which isn't quite as damning as you might think.


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