Cassetteboy Releases A Hilarious Remix Of UK Prime Minister David Cameron's Conference Speech

In the UK it's party conference time, which means the political parties get together—currently its the Conservative Party Conference—to preach to the converted. Nothing interesting ever really comes out of these, but this conference is different.

Because Cassetteboy, a comedy music duo who make a living creating hilarious edits of famous people saying funny stuff, has created a brilliant, and very sweary, remix of UK prime minister and ham hock lookalike David Cameron's speeches.

Called "Cameron’s Conference Rap" it was released yesterday and is over a million views.

The rap is set to the music of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and features some killer lines such as 'I'm hardcore and I know the score / I am disgusted by the poor.' and 'The last thing this country needs is us, the Conservatives / Worse than the alternative.' Gold.

Twitter couldn't get enough of it and praise came in from all quarters. Rightfully so.

Lots of comedians retweeted it.

Musicians loved it.

Labour Party members loved it.

Norms loved it.

The only negative seems to be the amount of time Cassetteboy had to spend looking at Cameron's face.

But they certainly nailed what the UK population thinks of Cameron's Conservatives.



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