Classic Disney Songs Get A Hilarious Reworking In 'Misheard Song Lyrics: Disney Edition'

A big part of the appeal of Disney's movies is their songs, some of which are probably permanently embedded in your brain forever more (I'm looking at you, "Let It Go"). But you've never heard Disney songs like this before.

Or maybe, actually you have. Because this is the Disney Edition of the YouTube series 'Misheard Song Lyrics' and chances are, as a kid, you probably mistook the actual lyrics for your own made up versions.

Even if you didn't mishear the lyrics as a kid, you won't be able to unhear some of these once you've listened to them. Especially the more NSFW versions. Oh my.

As one YouTuber commented, "If you think Eminem drops F bombs a lot, just look at Ursula!"

This hilarious misheard-up mix was made courtesy of Pleated Jeans and they have a whole library of other classics for your listening pleasure.

You should tell the boss you are done working for the day and check some (all) of them out.


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