'Cheeky' Comedian Drives A Huge Butt Across America To Spread Peace, Love And Understanding

Can big butts bring about a better world? This is the hope of comedian Kurt Braunohler who has taken to driving a large 14-foot tall, 15-foot long, 8-foot wide, 1600lbs butt from Las Vegas to Washington DC and ending up in his mom's driveway in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

"It’s actually a double butt. It’s got a butt on both sides." Braunohler remarks on his Tumblr. "A front butt and a back butt. So no matter what angle you see it from, you get all the butt." Which is good to know. He also details why he's undertaking such a commendable task.

The reason is it's part of a pilot he's making for Comedy Central. "The show is all about inserting absurdity into stranger’s lives to make this bleak world a little bit brighter." he explains. "So we’re driving a butt across America. For no other reason than it’s dumb and funny and hopefully will surprise people."

You can follow the double butt's progress using the hashtag #TheLoveButt. Braunohler also has a Twitter and Instagram where he's documenting this historic journey.

Here's some pics and vids from those.

Starting Tuesday June 30th, I'll be driving this 14-ft tall butt across America. Because our country needs this. #TheLoveButt #BetterDumberFaster @comedycentral

#TheLoveButt in Arizona - in Flagstaff now. Headed to Utah in a bit!

Please don't vandalize the butt tonight, but if u do, please make it funny. #TheLoveButt #vegas #circuscircus

Denver gets the award for first city to vandalize #TheLoveButt. A Roman candle up the butthole. Pretty funny.

3000 miles in 6 days. Thank you to Asbury Park for giving #TheLoveButt a grand welcome. I'm sad and glad it's over.

Louisville! We're coming for you. We'll post our location late this afternoon. Hold your butts. #TheLoveButt

Denver raised the bar for the butt. Thanks to the Museum of Contemporary Art for hosting us and to Cool Shit for a great comedy show. #TheLoveButt

Happy America Day. #TheLoveButt by @yourbuttlaurencook

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