Comical Look At The The Necklace-Throw In 'Titanic' And Why It's The Best Part Of The Movie

You may have your own ideas of what the most memorable part of the movie Titanic is. The end credits perhaps, Leo's "I'm the king of the world!" bit, or Kate Winslet being drawn nude like one of those French girls.

But the guys who run the pretty self-explanatory parody YouTube channel The Greatest Movie Moments in the Universe...Ever, think it's a much more obscure part. As they say in the video, "this film won every Oscar under the sun, and deservedly so, because of this one moment."

They particularly love the bit where Gloria Stuart, who plays Old Rose in the movie, holds the the priceless jewel, known as the Heart of the Ocean into the sea, and them throws it into the sea.

Because, why not?

In typical talking heads, movie analysis fashion they dissect this magical, memorable, iconic moment in movie history. Especially that weird little noise she makes when she tosses the jewel overboard.

And you'll no doubt find yourself agreeing, that yes, it's changed all our lives forever.

Kind of. Maybe. OK, it hasn't at all.


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