'Things Owen Wilson Says' - Supercut Shows Him Saying The Same Things In Every Movie He's In

"Crazy as a road lizard", "Woah, woah, woah", "Come on!"–what is it that these phrases have in common? They're all said by Owen Wilson in pretty much every movie he's in. No doubt you've noticed that Owen Wilson plays the same character in every movie.

Well, it turns out it doesn't end there. Because, call it his dedication to continuity, but he not only plays the same character, he says the same things too.

Forget the script, if you're producing a movie with Mr. Wilson in, you don't need lines for him.

He'll turn up with his own supply of those—and this supercut is proof. At least it means he doesn't have to memorize much. Call it laziness of call it method acting, it definitely gives him his own distinct acting trademark.

If you enjoyed this, Owenergy Studios who made the supercut, have been monitoring Owen Wilson's movie career quite closely. They've made a couple more supercuts of his acting tropes.

Check them out below. And get all "woah."

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