A Company Have Made Actual 'Deal With It' Sunglasses And You Need To Own A Pair

So, any chance you woke up this morning and really felt the need to become a walking GIF? Of course you did and to help you on your path, Finnish company CNC Design have created pixelated Deal With It sunglasses (they do a pretty nifty Heisenberg mirror too btw).


And they're yours for the not-so-hefty sum of $31.00. Here's what the company's site says:

Low-resolution sunglasses. For the moments when you just need people to deal with it!

They are one solid piece of high quality laser cut & engraved smoked acrylic.

So yeah, now you can go around being super rad, throwing gang signs and flipping down your shades when people just can't handle it. Yes, you too can be as cool as these GIFS.


via Prosthetic Knowledge

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