"I Love The Smell Of Catnip In The Morning" - It's Cats Vs. Robots In An Adorable Battle Of Cuteness

It's the cutest war you're ever going to see, as a bunch of adorable, defenseless kittens and cats are faced with a evil-looking remote-controlled spider-bot who seems intent on catmageddon. Who will come out victorious? The internet, that's who.

Also, never underestimate a feline, especially when they can quickly adapt to a new situation and turn it to their advantage.

When the robopocalypse comes and humans are wiped from the face of the earth, it looks like the cockroaches might have some companions in feline form.

Watch as they look adorably confused as the robot fires disks at them and then moves forward to retrieve the,. "What is going on?" the cats seem to be saying. "And why don't those discs have tuna on them?"

As one smart YouTube commenter YllwMonky456 observed, "Once the cats figured out it wasn't an animal, or something that could hurt them, and was just a loud toy machine they started playing with it. The bigger/older cat knew immediately it was some sort of toy, because cats can learn from observation to a degree, just like people can. It was clearly more familiar with it being a toy, the little baby kitties don't know any better yet. They're all fine, they were startled at first, but they're fine otherwise."

Just remember YllwMonky456, no one likes a smart-ass.

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