Competitive Eater Kobayashi Battles A Tiny But Hungry Hamster—Who Will Win?

You know what? I have a sneaking suspicion—call it a hunch or intuition—that this was rigged. In the one corner you have Takeru Kobayashi, Japanese competitive eater who snorts hotdogs like they were tiny snacks. In the other corner you have a tiny hamster who looks cute when it eats things because of its little cheeks.

And who do you think wins this hotdog-eating competition? It's an outrage. In the hamster's defense it has been training with a diet of tiny burritos, pizza slices and little breakfasts—but there's the catch, they're TINY.

Yet, he here is taking on pro muncher Kobayashi and the result doesn't end in Kobayashi's favor. IT'S A FIX!

I want to see a rematch.


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