Not Today Satan! - Teens Are Trying To Summon A Mexican Demon Using The #CharlieCharlieChallenge

Kids today, huh? When they're not trying to destroy their faces by inflating their lips, they're summoning a Mexican demon called Charlie. Known as the Charlie Charlie Challenge this latest craze involves a Ouija board-style game where two pencils are balanced over the words "yes" and "no" which are written on a piece of paper.

Once you've set up your demon-summoning apparatus you then have to say "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" and if the top pencil points towards "Yes", it means you've gone done raised a spirit from the dead. Gasp!

You can then ask Charlie various questions and he'll move the top pencil to the correct answer. Results are being posted to social media under the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge showing these alleged supernatural happenings.

Remember though you must, MUST say "Charlie Charlie can we stop" after you've finished or you'll unleash all kinds of danger from the spirit world beyond.

If it all sounds slightly ridiculous, then that's because it is. And people have been jumping on the hashtag to share their own take on the craze, from 1D fans asking who in One Direction they're going to marry to Justin Beiber fans asking when his next album will be out.

You kind of get the feeling that behind all of this is Mr. Tiger Blood himself, Charlie Sheen, laughing an evil genius laugh at all the idiocy transpiring. Or am i just wishing too hard that it's him?

Meantime here's some of the fun Twitter's been having with it all.

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