Creepy IKEA Ad Is A Nod To 'The Shining' And The Horrors Of Negotiating Their Stores

You may have some horror stories to tell of IKEA, either the time you spent an entire day in their store only to come away empty handed. Or maybe that time you ate too many of their meatballs. And now it seems IKEA have embraced the daunting sensation you can feel when trying to negotiate one of their stores.

With a nod to the scene from The Shining where little boy Danny is riding his bike through the halls of the hotel and is eventually confronted by the creepy twins, this IKEA Singapore Halloween ad recreates that famous iconic shot but inside an IKEA.

The weird thing is it actually makes you wonder for a moment what the less scarier location actually is.

It's all about promoting the late night shopping they're now doing, but it's beautifully shot and almost—ALMOST—makes up for all those times you've had to visit their stores.

Check out the original scene from The Shining, below.

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