Matt Damon Acts Out His Entire Movie Career With James Corden, All In Under Eight Minutes

Can you remember every film Matt Damon's starred in from his breakout role in Good Will Hunting to his current role in The Martian? Without cheating on IMDB or Wikipedia, either.

You probably can't, but that's fine because the actor recently appeared on The Late Late Show and joined host James Corden in acting out everything from Invictus to We Bought a Zoo.

Damon obviously plays himself (well, duh) and Corden acts out his co-star's roles, from George Clooney to Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson. Corden's definitely got a great range and it makes for an impressive and fun skit.

However, although the video claims to cover Damon's acting career, it doesn't feature every single movie he's ever been in. There's no Dogma (or any Kevin Smith movies) or Interstellar. Or, you know, Team America.

It the latest in Corden's "Role Call" series, which previously featured Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Hanks.

We can only await what actors will be next. Nicolas Cage, perhaps? Gary Busey? Or maybe Christopher Walken.

Fingers crossed.


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