Darkly Comic Web Series Follows The Ups & Downs Of A College Student's Amateur Escort Business

College is full of people with entrepreneurial ideas, but the protagonist of this darkly comic web series has a startup business that's a bit more unconventional than most. Called Escorts the series follows Jay Miller who, as the title might give away, runs an amateur escort business.

The series is written, directed, and stars Dave Patten and is produced by David HW Ricks III and in the first episode, above, we're introduced to Patten's fourth-wall breaking character.

After revealing that there's plenty of money to be made from the rich clientele of South California's college-goers, his business runs into some trouble after one of his clients gets a little to overambitious with the partying.

Here's the official synopsis:

Pragmatic hipster Jay Miller's successful small business of selling sex on campus to his collegiate peers becomes infinitely more difficult when one of his employees dies while "working". Facing blackmail and incarceration, Jay chooses his only option: expanding the company with his new business partners.

You can watch the whole seven-episode first series here.


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