Cursed Images Is A Twitter Account That Will Haunt Your Nightmares For All Eternity

Some things defy explanation, they are so inexplicable the human mind can't truly comprehend their strangeness. Now, imagine someone had photographed these and then dedicated a Twitter account to uploading them, to burden us all with their unholiness.

Images that humanity as a species must carry as a cross to bear, because for one person to have to witness them alone would drive them to insanity. That's essentially what @cursedimages is. The twitter account collates images— many you may recognize as they've been floating about on image sites for many years—that are so bizarre, so weird, they are, in fact, cursed.

They're images that dare you to look at them, but once you have then that's it. You're cursed. Because they're cursed.

“Cursed images, to me, leave you with a general uneasy feeling,” the creator of the account told Gizmodo. “There could be certain qualities, like someone looking directly at the camera or an orb floating in the background. I know sometimes I post images that seem more silly that cursed, but I try to stay true to that weird feeling. I think a good balance of funny and creepy is important, and it leaves people wondering if the whole ‘cursed’ thing is really a joke or not.”

Take a look at some of them below, if you dare...

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