Dummy Dogs—These Doggie Fails Show That Being Goofy Is Just As Dog-Like As Being Loyal

Dogs are known for their companionship, affection, and loyalty. They can be brave, fearless, protective, they love you unconditionally and are always there for you. They really are the best friend you could ever hope for.

But they can also be really goofy and dumb too.

So to celebrate the funny flaw in their being here is a collection of man's best friend acting not at its smartest.

It shows dogs failing at, well, being dogs.

Unable or unwilling to catch a ball, being vacuumed as their cleaning regime, trying to cross a bridge with the stick facing the wrong way, or dogs hindering rather than helping their humans.

But in a way they're still fulfilling their doggie duties because they're entertaining us and making us happy by making us laugh—and what's better than that?

Plus a lot of the time the things you end up loving about your pet are the daft things it does, the times it makes you smile because it's just being so damn stupid.

Man's (or woman's) best friend is there to please you any way it can, even if it involves some hair-brained hilarity.

So here's to dogs being dumb. Never change you daft fools.


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