Dog fetch Fails: Watch A Compilation Of 'Man's Best Friend' Hilariously Failing At Playing Fetch

Everyone can have a bad day, you know that feeling, nothing seems to be happening the way it should and before you know it things go from bad to worse-and that goes for animals too-mostly, dogs are pretty good at playing fetch, but not all dogs. Not all the time.

This supercut from Tastefully Offensive shows what happens when things that come naturally don't go quite as planned as some pooches fail miserably at what should be, for them, a basic instinctual function.

Some of them are too busy involved in something else, some of them just aren't interested, and others are just, well, not very good at the old eye-mouth coordination thing.

One thing is clear though, it's hilarious to see them attempt and fail at playing fetch.

Even if it does mean their basic sense of "dogness" is faulty. I guess they should be grateful that all of their canine friends don't have smartphones and social media platforms to share their unfortunate outcomes.

It's true that every dog has it's day, but today is not one of them.


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