Dying Dog, Sophia The St Bernard, Gets Her Final Wish Of Playing In The Snow One Last Time

Sophia the St Bernard loved nothing more than frolicking in the snow. The six year old dog was fostered when she was just a puppy by owner Alyson Page, but two months ago things took a turn for the worse when Sophia was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

Given only two weeks to live by vets, her owner wanted to do something special for her before she was put to sleep. Knowing that Sophia loved playing around in the snow, Alyson emailed her local indoor real snow slope on the off chance that they'd let her come along and play on their 180m long slope.

And being the kind people that they are, they agreed. So Sophia the St Bernard went along and had a blast, rolling around in the snow, playing with her half brother Yogi, and showing her appreciation by wagging her tail and coming to life after weeks of being inactive. And it meant that she got to spend her last few hours on earth doing something she adored before she headed off to doggy heaven.

"Sophia meant everything to us and was adored by our little girl, Lillyth." Mrs Page said. "We are heartbroken that she’s gone but it was amazing to see her so happy on the snow one last time before she went. Sophia was my rock throughout stages of IVF treatment and a great big sister to her half brother Yogi. We would have sold the car, we would have done anything to pay for treatment, but the vet advised to just make her as comfortable as possible in her last two months. We can’t thank Chill Factore enough for this last farewell for Sophia the St Bernard."

Sophia The St Bernard 01.
Sophia The St Bernard 02.
Sophia The St Bernard 03.

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