The Best Live TV News Bloopers Of 2016 Will Keep You Laughing All The Way Into 2017

Although 2016 has been a year where the news has not been very positive, what with cherished musicians dying, Brexit, Trump, Negan, the horrors of the Syrian War, and much, much more. Not all of it was negative, there was some sunshine on a cloudy day as these hilarious outtakes and bloopers pay testament to.

Instead this puts a more uplifting and amusing spin on live news, giving us a newscaster asking people to "Check their panties," female tennis players who admit they are "good from behind", along with rogue reptiles, plenty of innuendos, weather forecasters losing it on air, and giant phallic water spouts in New Zealand.

It seems that, in the world of local TV stations at least, it's a total laugh fest when it comes to reporting on the topics of the day. There is something satisfying watching paid professionals struggling on live TV.

It's not just the presenters hogging the limelight in this video though, because where would local TV news reports be without the public saying random and unscripted remarks. Like, for instance, the guy who when asked by a female reporter what he would spend a $500 million lottery jackpot on, shoots back without missing a beat, "Buncha hookers and cocaine."

And, of course, "The Building Is On Fire!" woman who became a meme after her epic retelling of an apartment fire in her building in Oklahoma. If random people interviewed on the street could win Oscars, she would win one.

All this and plenty more is in this 15 minute compilation from YouTube channel News Be Funny. If nothing else it serves as a welcome antidote to the more depressing news 2016 has delivered.


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