The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Makes you Totally Appreciate When Live TV Doesn't Go As Planned

It's that time again, time to look back at the year and evaluate it in terms of how good its news bloopers were, those awkward moments when live TV doesn't go as planned. And to help with that NewsBeFunny have collated them all together—and there are A LOT.

Which proves 2015 was a great year for live news going awry, which is good news for those of us in need of some end of the year cheer—and bad news for those who had to suffer through the bloopers.

In case you missed some, or if you just want to re-live some of the most memorable fails, they're all here in two epic fifteen minute compilations.

If you have a favorite from the year (personally it has to be the green-haired witness to a car accident who was on his way to get "a piece of Burger King") it's going to be in here somewhere.

As one YouTube commenter said, "Well, this confirms it. News anchors need to get laid more - Omfg that lady with the green hair made my day!!"

Part one is above and you can check out part two below.

Happy new year!

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