This Mississippi Family's Pet Dog Miley Came Home With A Pound Of Weed In A Plastic Bag

People have trained their dogs to bring them newspapers, their slippers, even beer, but the last thing you expect your pet to gift you is a bag containing a pound of marijuana.

That's what happened to a family in Laurel, Mississippi which the Jones County Sheriff’s Office mentioned on their Facebook. "There is even one case of a family pet finding a substantial 'stash' of marijuana and taking it to his owner." they said.

The dog is called Miley, a mixed black lab, and the incident happened on March 26, 2016. Miley had gone off to go to the toilet but when he returned he was carrying a plastic bag. Miley's owner initially thought it was just full of garbage but soon realised it was actually weed due to its stench.

The owner alerted the police who said there was about a pound of green in there, a mix of "higher-grade marijuana in baggies rolled up in stick-like shapes and less-potent weed in other baggies" according to The Daily News. They've yet to find out where the bag initially came from.

“They can’t really ask the dog, ‘From what pile did you get that?’” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Allyson Knotts said. “It’s under investigation, but it was a tricky incident.”

You can't help but wonder what Miley is going to find and bring home next?


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