Forget 'The Walking Dead'—Cats Vs. Zombies Is The TV Show We All Really Want To Watch

Rick Grimes and the rest of The Walking Dead Season 7 gang make way, even Negan and The Saviours, there's some new zombie slayers in town and they're a couple of cute-looking felines.

At least, there is in this rather excellent video by Moscow-based VFX artist and filmmaker Mr TV Cow (aka Mister Tivikoff) which tells a story of two cats and their little baby kitten who is trapped in the open and surrounded by hungry flesh-eaters. It doesn't set the scene for a happy ending for our furry friends.

So when the undead masses have overpowered the humans, two kittahs step up to man the machine guns, set booby traps, and blow up those zombie scum.

Because one thing everyone knows, unless you are one of the undead, is that you never make a cat angry and endanger it's offspring, because a pissed-off cat will most certainly get mean and even.

So forget The Walking Dead, cute cats illing walkers has never looked so delightful.

And they're incredibly good at it too, while also looking totally adorable. Cuteness, explosions, and flesh-eaters getting torn apart by hot lead and automatic weaponry means this video has it all.

It even has a surprise twist at the end too. The only possible downside is there isn't an entire TV series to watch.

Come on AMC, add another zombie show to your lineup.

cats vs zombies

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