You Absolutely Need This Incredibly Amazing Parkour Cat In Your Life

A cat doing parkour, well why not? Except don't go calling it parkour because you'll look like a complete fool in front of your peers and fellow internet dwellers. The correct term is, of course, purrkour.

This is Didga the cat and while all cats are in some way practitioners of purrkour, none have the catastrophic brilliance of this kitty. Meow's about that you'll say after witnessing his epic skills. Gasp as he climbs up a tree a little bit and then comes back down! Recoil in shock as he runs up some steps! And then down a wall! Oh my!

Actually, he's just like all the other cats. It's just he's starred in his own parody of all those OTT parkour videos. And sorry about the puns. I was just really feline this video.

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