The Funniest Table Tennis Game In History Is Full Of Amazing Trick Shots

Anyone who's watched professional table tennis match will know that the games can get quite a pace on them, but this match from 2014 at the Tai-Ben International between Belgian Jean-Michel Saive and the Taiwanese Chuang Chih-Yuan (both good friends) takes things to absurd levels.

What makes it even more amazing is that Chih-Yuan is currently ranked 7th in the world and Saive was at one time world number one (he has since officially announced his retirement as a player), so these are table tennis players at the highest level goofing off for the amusement of the crowd..

It starts out normal enough with the two batting shots back and forth, but then things start to get a bit strange after nearly a minute's worth of play. Their distance from the table gets further and further until it's at ridiculous levels—but that's only really the start because from there the rallies get increasingly more bizarre between the two competitors.

Shots at high speeds turn into trick shots, Saive pretends to faint and Chih-Yuan pretends to do CPR. At one point they even move the table, flipping it around 90 degrees. The crowd meanwhile are in hysterics as they both goof around. When they do put it back to its original position multiple balls come into play.

And instead of using a bat they start to use their heads to return shots.

When the match finally ends Chih-Yuan seems to be the winner, but nobody really cares. Because the real winners are the crowd who get delivered a table tennis match for the ages.


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