This Is What Happens When Someone Starts Humming the Game of Thrones Theme In The Office

Game of Thrones has got one of, if not the, greatest opening credit sequences on TV. And most of that is down to the music, which acts like foreplay to the main event.

If you're a fan of the show as soon as you hear that epic opening riff excitement starts to build.

And then the cello and violin comes in and by that point you're probably standing up in your living room, hands in the air, shouting "DUN DUN, DA-DA, DUN DUN, DA-DA, DUN DUN, DA-DA!" while your cat stares at you.

It has a kind of Pavlov's dog affect, you could be anywhere but as soon as you hear the opening chords you suddenly snap into GoT mode.

That's exactly what's going on in this College Humor sketch, where an office worker starts humming the show's theme and then her coworkers, trance-like and driven by an impulse beyond their control, join in, following her like the pied piper. Every. Single. Time.

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