When It All Gets A Bit Too Much Sometimes You Just Need To Pass Out And Reboot

The human brain is a remarkable thing but sometimes it has to do something drastic, like reboot because you've forced it to do something that is too terrifying for you to handle. Sure you may have thought getting on that slingshot ride at the amusement park was a fun idea, but your brain knows differently.

In knows from past experiences how damn petrified you are of such things, but because you want to appear like a fun-loving person to your buddies, you went ahead and acted against your best interests.

So suddenly your brain finds itself, being slung through the air at 60 mph. Again.

What can it do? It shuts down, that's what. Shuts down until the torment is over. Which is exactly what happens to the people in this video, whether they're skydiving, on a slingshot, or a rollercoaster.

They pass out. And then reboot. So witness some hilarious instances of people's brains rebooting as it reaches maximum capacity. The last one is particularly ridiculous because it features two guys sat side-by-side completely zonked as the rollercoaster carries their unconscious bodies along.

Not exactly what you envision when you go on a rollercoaster.

So let this be a warning to us all. If you look at a ride and feel a sense of dread rather than excitement, that's probably your mind saying, just go on the merry-go-round instead.


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