Crowdsourcing Fail Of The Day: Girl Attempts To Go Crowd Surfing, Doesn't End Well

If this girl's aim was to leap onto the raised hands of the crowd and get molested for 30 seconds while she works her way to the back of the moshpit, then she's victorious. Otherwise this might not have been a great crowd surfing experience for her.

Although, she does appear to be smiling as she bobs along at the Op De Toffel festival in the Netherlands. But her woes aren't over yet, because suddenly she crashes to the ground as the crowd kind of gives up on her—luckily her neck seems to break the fall.

The best thing about the whole video however is the guy's reaction face right at the the end of the clip. Best. Reaction Face. Ever.

Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. But mostly you lose.


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