Insane Dash Cam Video Shows Russian Guy Pulling Out Of Garage Directly Into A Tornado

When most of us reverse out of our garage the most we have to contend with is trying not to run over the neighbor's cat lounging in the driveway. But this Russian driver had other, more tornado-y problems.

The dashcam footage was recorded in Bashkiria, Russia and although the date says 2012 the incident took place on 29 August 2014—according to Viral Hog—when a tornado tore through the area. The video begins with the guy pulling out of his garage as rain lashes down. But then, as the car begins to turn around things really don't look right. Trees really shouldn't be bending that much.

It's pant-staining time from then on really. As the driver turns (is pushed?) back to the garage to seek shelter it disappears in front of his eyes, whipped away by the terrifying might of the tornado.

Below is another video showing the same storm tearing through another neighborhood, captured again by a dashcam. Here's what Liveleak says about it:

Debris swept by the raging winds caused the motion detector in Boris Ishtuganov's car to activate his dashcam, which captured these scary images of the storm as it trashed through the neighborhood.

Two people were killed and about 80 wounded. The tornado damaged more than 200 houses, 26 villages were left without electricity. One of victims was crushed by a tree when he went out of his house to close the garage door.

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