Another Car Ride with Motoki - Guy Hilariously Lip Syncs Driving Around With His Stony-Faced Mom

It must be that this mom is so used to this type of behavior she's filtered it out of her perception. What other reason could there be for her to sit stony-faced and unamused as her son busts out some impressive lip sync and dance moves. Grooving along to pop bangers like Meghan Trainor's "Me Too," Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop this Feeling," Drake's "One Dance," Rihanna's "Work," and plenty more.

As his mom chaffeurs him along to an unknown destination, dutifully keeping her concentration on the road, YouTuber Motoki continues to lay down some hysterical moves and some hilarious facial expressions.

It's enough to get the attention of someone in a car two lanes over, but not Mrs M, the only time she even acknowledges that her son is throwing down some fresh moves is right at the end. And that's only because he's practically twerking in her face.

Which results in her glancing over and looking down her nose a bit at him, probably wondering just what the heck this man she raised is doing.

In her defence if you were sat in a car trying to cruise about it would no doubt be entirely off-putting if someone was doing this next to you, but watching it online? It's downright hilarious.

These two are my new favorite comedy double act. Mrs M is obviously the "straight man."

Another Car Ride with Motoki

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