Dr. Evil Returns On Saturday Night Live To Ridicule North Korea And Sony

Dr. Evil is not happy with North Korea or Sony Pictures—he's so disappointed in their silly argument over a movie that he's come out of hiding to lambast them both. They're giving evil a bad name and he's unafraid to tell them why.

For a start Mike Myer's creation is annoyed that North Korea would attack a movie as an act of evil. "It's easy to kill a movie", he notes. "Just move it to January." Dr. Evil also claims him and the DPRK's leader go way back. "Look, I know Kim Jong-un," he says. "We went on a Viking river cruise together." Then ridicules him for still watching "laser discs."

In might well be the final insult for Jong-un—losing the respect of his peers, fictional or otherwise.

And speaking of ridiculing Kim Jong-un, the internet's been doing its fair share of that lately. Because of course it has. Check below for some of the fun it's been having.


And, finally, here's what 2014's movie trailers would look like if they were redone with the approval of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

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