Guy Is Left Alone In Airport Overnight, Makes Epic Music Video

When most of us find out our flight's been delayed or cancelled and we have to spend the night alone in the junkspace of an airport, we'd probably just hunker down with a book or our iPad and sleep the uncomfortable sleep of the damned.

But not Richard Dunn, hell no. Stranded overnight at Las Vegas airport Richard Dunn does the only thing he knows how to, he makes a music video with him miming along to power ballad "All By Myself".

It took him three hours to shoot the video on his iPhone while lip-syncing along. Meanwhile his wife watched on, no doubt thinking "Goddammit, I love that man!"—either that or tutting to herself.

And Richard's hard work has paid off, the video has notched up 9.3 million views in the four days since it was uploaded to Vimeo.

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