Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Face Off In Epic Lip Sync Battle On Jimmy Fallon

There's no denying the musical talent of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, but forget about normal singing with your voice and all that nonsense. A true test of their musical mettle is how well they can lip sync.

And Jimmy Fallon wasn't afraid to throw down the gauntlet for them, challenging them to take on each other and himself in the Lip Sync Battle segment of his show. You can watch the two The Voice coaches duke it out in the above video, where Shelton pulls “Puttin on the Ritz” out of the bag and Stefani retorts with "Call Me Maybe."

Fallon tries his luck with Ellie Goulding's "Burn," but then Stefani and Shelton team up to deliver a knockout blow duet of "Endless Love," after which victory is declared.

The Lip Sync Battle has seen some impressive participants in the past, including Emma Stone, below.

Paul Rudd showed that, should his Hollywood vocation not work out, a fallback career in lip syncing mos def awaits.

But perhaps the greatest of The Great Lip Sync Battles Of Our Age was when Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon faced off. The world was never the same again.

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