'Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?' Is The Frozen And Breaking Bad Mashup You've Always Wanted

What greater merging of two pieces of entertainment could there be than a massively popular animated children's film about a talking snowman and superhumans—and a TV show about a cancer-ridden chemistry teacher turned meth-dealing kingpin?

The clever parody starts with the scene in Frozen where Anna asks her sister Elsa to help her build a snowman, but substitutes the two sisters with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and snowman for meth lab.

The song also features key scenes from AMC's hit, and shows Walter's physical appearance change from Mr White to the all-conquering, fearsome Heisenberg.

It's an amazing animation for fans of the show and it's also oddly touching too. Needs more instances of Jesse shouting "Bitch!" though.


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