Jeff Bridges' The Dude Is Back As A Sword-Wielding Wizard In 'The Seventh Lebowski'

When the Coen Brother's made The Big Lebowski they created one of cinema's great slacker anti-heroes in the form of The Dude. He's right up there in college dorm stoner poster requirements along with Che Guevara and something by Dalí.

But, sadly and quite rightly, the Coens will never make a sequel to The Big Lebowski starring The Dude because a) it would probably make a mockery of the first movie and b) they don't like sequels.

So we'll have to make do with this mashup, The Seventh Lebowski by Marca Blanca, which combines The Big Lebowski with the trailer for forthcoming Jeff Bridges movie Seventh Son, which also stars Julianne Moore—so naturally a mashup had to be done. And it's probably the closest we're ever going to get to a sequel.

What's missing from it though is The Dude supping on one of his beloved White Russians, his cocktail of choice which is a mix of Kahlúa, cream and vodka. Now, if you were Kahlúa you probably would have jumped at the chance to put Jeff Bridges in an advert for your liquor ages ago. But it's taken until now for them to get their act together with the recent release of the advert below, which stars Bridges as a grizzled barfly recounting a strange story to a bartender involving a Russian cosmonaut.

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