Love Birds - Marnie The Super Cute Parrot Just Wants To Kiss His Toy Bunny—And It's Adorable

We all loved our cuddly toys when we were very young and most of us probably had a cute stuffed toy that we couldn't live without (do you still have it now i wonder?), but we don't usually associate this kind of behavior with animals, and especially birds.

OK, so prepare for an overload of cute as Marnie the parrot meets his new stuffed toy bunny friend. And proceeds to dote over it, giving it a kiss, playing peekaboo, and generally paralysing you with adorableness.

Unless you're some kind of psychopathic monster, it's impossible not to fall instantly in love with this blue indian ringneck parrot, who speaks so well I know some humans who are harder to understand than him.

And his voice is so cute it sounds like the voice of a character from a kid's TV show.

In fact, Marnie NEEDS his own kid's TV show. Or at least a regular guest spot on Sesame Street.

Cute animals in love with stuffed toys - It's not exactly a match made in heaven, but don't despair, it works way better on the internet.


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