Adorable Video Compilation Of 9 Dads Who Are Totally Winning At This Whole Parenting Thing

Dads are typically thought of as the fool when it comes to being a parent, a tired cliche we can thank TV for propagating. Just think Homer, Al Bundy, and a host of other sitcom dads that over the years have conditioned your mind to believe this to be the norm.

But that's not actually the reality.

In real life dads get involved in parenting just as much as moms do—and this compilation shows them fully immersed in it. Not only immersed in it but winning at it, the polar opposite to the bungling sitcom dad.

These guys are masters of the art.

At least, they are for these few minutes while the camera's rolling. No doubt they have their meltdown moments like any parent.

But, for these brief and fleeting moments they're slam dunking this whole parenting thang—they're riding high, victors, champions of the treacherous task that is raising children.

High-fives all round.


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