Homeless Puppy Krusty Kristy Is Saved From Being Euthanized, Makes Remarkable Recovery

Prepare to weep. Krusty Kristy was a homeless puppy "covered in mange" and was going to be put down, but her fortune changed thanks to being rescued by those amazing animal Samaritans who work at Vet Ranch in Texas.

The poor little thing was found her with pink, sore skin on show, parasites, along with being cold and very frightened and was so sick and in poor condition that things were not looking good for her survival..

After taking her in they then set about putting her on the path to recovery.

So they bathed her and wrapped her in a towel. After a quick snooze she awoke already in better spirits, wagging her tail and eager to play.

Three weeks passed and her skin began to heal and her black fur started to grow back. After nine weeks she was completely transformed, both physically and mentally, with a full coat of hair and bounding about, happy and healthy.

Also the guess at her breed when they first brought her in (a Labrador mix) was slightly wrong, after eight to nine wees she had grown so much that they began to think that she was a Great Dane mix. She also looked amazing and totally happy. Bless.

They also stopped calling her Krusty Kristy as well, now she's just Kristy.

And now you've got something in your eye.


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