How To Roll A Blunt Using Rose Petals By Simple Sasha Is The Latest New Cannabis Trend

People are asking how to roll a blunt using rose petals due to the fact it has been become a new cannabis trend after Twitter user @simple_sasha published a tutorial video showing how to do it. You might now be thinking, WTF, rose petal blunts? But yeah, it is actually a thing. And the video below, which has gone viral with thousands of retweets and likes, demonstrates step-by-step exactly how to roll a blunt made from a flower.

Firstly @simple_sasha suggests using organic rose petals because commercial ones are often sprayed with pesticides and chemicals which you don't want to inhale in your lungs. Once you have your organic rose petals, Sasha chooses to use three for her blunt, you then need to dry them out in an oven.

Once that's done you then put your cannabis in and roll up the petals and you're ready to smoke it.

After she posted the video people had questions, because it's not everyday you see someone show you how to roll a blunt and smoke weed using rose petals. Questions like, what does it taste like? "It's almost sweet & a little earthy. Exactly how you think smoking a flower would be." Sasha replied. Other questions included "Did it burn slow?" to which she replied "It burns just as slow if not slower than a normal cigarillo." So there you go.

Sasha shows How To Roll A Blunt Using Rose Petals

how to roll a blunt using rose petals.
@simple_sasha shows off her rose petal blunt rolling technique / Image via Twitter

Initially it seems many people were freaked out that rolling blunts using rose petals was possible. And some people noted that it's more expensive to buy rose petals then it is to buy rolling papers.But it seems people eventually warmed to the idea, and some smokers were trying out rose petals blunts themselves.

Check out Sasha's tutorial on how to roll a blunt step-by-step using rose petals, along with some other people's attempts and some reactions, below. It's probably best you check out the tutorial before rolling your own.

And in case you were wondering...

Other People's Attempts At Rolling Rose blunts

rose blunts 01.

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