HOLY SMOKE! Two Nuns In California Are Growing And Selling Cannabis, Despite It Being Totally Illegal

It sounds like something from a Cheech and Chong movie, but it isn't. Sister Kate and Sister Darcy who together form Sisters of the Valley, grow and sell cannabis products from their three bed house in Merced, California.

The cannabis is grown in their garage and from it they produce cannabidiol salves and tinctures (aka CBD a non-psychoactive active ingredient in marijuana that has medicinal purposes) and sing the praises of its healing abilities. It's a definite case of Holy smoke.

The Sisters, who aren't really religious and aren't really real nuns they just dress that way, wear long denim skirts, white collared shirts, and nun's habits. "Sister Kate says that she never wanted to fool people into thinking she was a 'real' nun, but she enjoyed the way that her habit changed how people interacted with her, seeking her out and telling her their troubles." the Guardian explains.

They sell their CBD products through Etsy and they're making a good living from it. They do all this knowing that what they'e doing, growing and distributing cannabis, is totally illegal. For now anyway.

The products

Medicinal marijuana was legalized around 20 years ago in California, but a bill passed last year with the aim to regulate the industry contained an error and it meant many cities in the state passed local laws banning the growing and selling of cannabis.

But that hasn't stopped the Sisters of the Valley, in fact they want to get even bigger and are in the process of acquiring a bigger place to help facilitate their ambition. Ambition that has seen them make $400,000 a year from the business.

The nuns

Which means they aren't giving up without a fight. From the Guardian:

The day after Merced’s ban on medical marijuana was passed, the sisters were preparing for battle. Sister Kate is planning to start a call-in campaigns across the Central Valley, urging growers and customers to flood city council members with phone calls every Friday until they come up with reasonable regulations.

Whatever happens, though, the Sisters of the Valley are answering to a higher authority. “We’re not accepting their ban,” said Sister Kate. “It’s against the will of the people, and that makes it unnatural and immoral.”

In other cannabis-related news, Seth Rogen dropped a video this week showing how he rolls a joint. Coming from such a monumental stoner such as him, it's something worth watching. You could learn something.

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