Hilarious Sketch 'Bros On Instagram' Is All About Capturing That Perfect Shot Of Mediocre Coffee

iPhone photography can sometimes get out of hand, especially when it comes to Instagram. The social media site is overflowing with carefully composed and curated smartphone shots, mainly featuring people's lunch.

Hitting out at those Instagram bros who get a little carried away with setting up their photos is this very funny sketch by AwesomenessTV featuring Jimmy Tatro from LifeAccordingToJimmy.

In the video Tatro's character is having a mediocre cup of coffee with his girlfriend when he decides to snap a pic of it. So he gets out his phone.

From there things begin to spiral out of control as a quick iPhone photo morphs into a commercial photo shoot with a director, gaffer, agent, and a whole crew appearing. They begin to both massage Tatro's artistic ego and help him deliver the exact shot he needs.

All the while Tatro's girlfriend is sitting there pleading with him to just take the damn shot already.

You have to feel for her. The sad thing is, you just know there's girlfriends, boyfriends, and friends who have to constantly suffer like her, all for the sake of the artistically-inclined iPhone photographer in their lives.


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