Italian Chef Struggles To Pronounce 'Worcestershire Sauce' But His Attempts To Are Hilarious

It's certainly not the easiest word to pronounce, but this Italian chef is really struggling to say the words "Worcestershire Sauce." The chef's name is Pasquale Sciarappa and he has a YouTube channel, OsaraRecipes, where he shares Italian recipes with his audience, but this recipe seems to have got the better of him.

His different attempts at pronounciation are infinitely better than the correct way to say the word though, and he gets so flustered that he starts pronouncing the word "sauce" wrong too. And while Sciarappa struggles the cameraman is highly amused, laughing away at Sciarappa's attempts..

The chef is taking it all in his stride though and is relishing the publicity, posting the following in the YouTube comments. "Thank you everyone! We are all very surprised to see this video being the 3rd most popular video on YouTube right now!! If you're new here, I just want to say that I have many delicious recipes on my channel."


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