Merry Christmas. Exclamation Point! Festive Song By Jon Lajoie Celebrates The Lame Xmas Text

Jon Lajoie knows about festive greetings and nothings tells someone they are way, way low down on your list of acquaintances then sending them a Christmas text. It shows that your can't be bothered to expend the postage stamp fee or use up one of your precious Christmas cards from that bumper pack you bought at a discount store. It tells them: I don't give a damn about you.

The always hilarious Jon Lajoie sings about what giving or receiving a Christmas text means in "Merry Christmas Exclamation Point," which features lyrics like "Maybe I'll just copy and paste it (from a previous text) / Well, it's only two words I might as well just type it (less complicated) / If you're thinking of calling me to thank me, oh please don't (that's not how this works) / Texting is as far as this relationship goes (and keep your response brief) / I have way more important people in my life."

But don’t feel too down if you get a Christmas text from someone you thought was a friend, it could be worse. You could've received one of those emails with a link to an animation showing their disembodied head dancing about on a Christmas elf.

Lets face it, in this world of smartphone technology, Christmas can really suck for some people. Jon Lajoie highlights this perfectly. "Merry Christmas. Exclamation Point!"

Jon Lajoie Merry Christmas. Exclamation Point 01.

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