Passenger Kelly Keegs Live Tweets Breakup On Plane In All Its Cringing Glory

Airline passenger Kelly Keegs sensed that when it comes to a live Tweets breakup, airplanes are definitely not the kind of place you want to finish with significant other. You don't even want to have a mild fallout or minor disagreement. You want no relationship issues, at all, while stuck inside a claustrophobic pressurized cabin with scores of other passengers 10,000ft in the air. It's not like you can leave the plane and slam the door after all.

And one thing you definitely—DEFINITELY—don't want to do is drunkenly break up with your girlfriend. But if you do, well, in an age of airplane wifi and abundant social media, just beware that someone may be documenting your particular breakup on plane and broadcasting it to the rest of the world via twitter. Someone who will sit by, figurative popcorn in hand, completely gripped by the unfolding drama. Someone like Kelly Keegs.

Yep, Kelly Keegs knew all of this and decided (thankfully) that a live tweets breakup on a plane was just what the internet wanted if the situation arose. And that break up horrorshow is exactly what happened to a young couple on a flight from Raleigh, North Carolina. The poor (ex) lovebirds had absolutely no idea they were about to be the stars in a live tweets breakup soap opera.

As their relationship slowly hit the rocks and smashed into pieces, causing the plane to be delayed with their drunken soap opera, Twitter user Kelly Keegs sat there transfixed and sent a running commentary and broadcast a live tweets breakup to the world outside.

This Couple's Plane Breakup Is Totally Addictive

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So popular was this real-time relationship meltdown that the hashtag 'plane break up' was trending on twitter as everyone waited to see what would happen next. Glued to their screens pretty much like this:

It was definitely internet schadenfreude of the highest order. And you'll probably get penalized with some bad karma points just for reading about it. But, as crazy as it all sounds, this particular live tweets breakup has a surprise twist (and almost happy) ending too. Just like any soap opera would. Kelly Keegs we salute you.

Here's how it all unfolded.

Kelly Keegs Live Tweets Breakup On Plane

How to Respond To This Plane Break Up Mid Air

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