'Winning Your Breakup' - When Your Relationship Falls Apart Here's How You Get Back At Your Ex

When a relationship comes to an end it's horribly painful for all involved, but what makes it even worse in this age of social media is that you have to watch the other person's life pickup as yours falls further apart.

Which means sobbing through pictures of them partying, surfing a dolphin, base-jumping off Mount Awesome, and other life-affirming activities. And no, we haven't included the most painful experience of them all, your ex with a new partner, that would just be too heartbreaking to contemplate.

But, it doesn't have to be that way. You just need to "win the breakup" by posting your own photos showing how epic your life is now. Including selfies with your fabulous new boyfriend/girlfriend/animal which will guarantee them endless amounts of pain.

In this parody by Sneak Thief! a spoof company helps you with that win, with their crack team of social media experts who will fabricate your life so it looks like you're having the best time ever.

And if you want to know if it's working, there's a few telltale signs.

For instance, if they start posting Morrissey lyrics that's a great indication it's 1-0 to you.


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