Key & Peele's 'Fake-Ass Gangster' Shows Us A New Type Of Neighborhood Gangland Menace

We've all seen enough movies to know that when a strange car slowly cruises down your street in your hood then something bad is about to go down, and it's gonna be bad.

A group of friends are hanging out in a front yard when along rolls what appears to be at first sight a guy wanting to cause trouble. And by trouble I mean menace the neighborhood with his shooting skills and criminal ways.

But Keegan-Michael Key soon spots something's isn't quite right. This isn't a gangster, this is one of those "fake-ass gangsters." The type whose gun is made from licorice and whose low rider's made from cardboard.

The only thing they're a menace to isn't society but the candy shop.

And possibly other drivers caught behind them as they walk along in their fake-ass cars.

Goddamn fake-asses.


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