#ThanksMichelleObama - Kids Are Trolling Michelle Obama For Ruining Their School Lunches

As First Lady Michelle Obama has spent a great deal of her time promoting and advocating healthy eating for the kids. Part of that meant implementing the USDA's Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act to improve child nutrition in schools.

Naturally the kids hate it—and they've taken to twitter to sarcastically offer their completely ungrateful thanks to the First Lady for ruining their lunches.

It's all happening under the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama (which came into being back in April and is now seeing a resurgence), where they tweet pictures of "mystery mush" and other, frankly, very unattractive-looking food.

Writing in the New York Times earlier this year, Mrs Obama has said about the initiative, "This is a big win for parents who are working hard to serve their kids balanced meals at home and don’t want their efforts undermined during the day at school. We spend more than $10 billion a year on school lunches and should not be spending those hard-earned taxpayer dollars on junk food for our children."

While a USDA spokesman was quoted as saying that, "Most meals were not as bad as the photos suggested." (He obviously hasn't seen the latest round of tweets).

Sure maybe the ingredients are healthy, but they really REALLY need to work on presentation if they’re going to win hearts and minds. And stomachs.

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