HuracánDrift - This Hot Lamborghini Drifts Crazily Around Other Lambos At The Newport Beach Lot

The Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership has, as you might expect, a lot of Lamborghinis in its lot, both vintage and modern. As such it's not the sort of place you might expect to find Swedish stunt drivers Samuel and Stina Hübinette take a suped up Lamborghini Huracan for some epic drifting.

But that's what they do in this heart-pounding video, which sees them screech around the parking lot kicking up smoke in a customized Lamborghini. The custom Huracan features a fabricated hydraulic handbrake, a Vorsteiner aero package—including a new front bumper, front fenders, side blades and a rear diffuser topped with an aero wing—and a set of high performance Nitto Tire NT555 G2s. It's a total beauty on wheels.

Naturally it then needs to be taken for a spin and, sure, the parking lot of a Lamborghini dealership might not be the most practical place to undertake such extreme driving, but that's the whole point.

If the lot was filled with clapped out automobiles that no one cared for, it wouldn't make it quite so thrilling and nerve-jangling. Plus the Hübinettes are total pros when it comes to furiously burning rubber like two maniacs.

So all the Lambos in the lot survive totally in tact.

As for the owner of the place, no doubt their hair didn't survive totally in tact, it probably went a bit whiter after witnessing such insane drifting.

Find out more about how this beautiful car was customized over at Driving Line.

And have a good drool over some photos of the beast below.


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