Look Back With FailArmy & Schadenfreude In Your Eyes At The Best Fails From The Month Of May

Prepare to flinch, laugh, and wince your way through other people's misfortune with this fail compilation. The month of May is over for 2015, but these people's fails will live on, thanks to YouTube and the ubiquity of camera phones.

Some of these people were asking for it, some of them just have bad luck, some of them have vertical video syndrome, but work past that and you'll be able to bathe in some internet schadenfreude of the best and most simple kind.

Whether it's an elephant eating a lady's scarf or a kid coming to terms with the fact that he's somehow just broken his tablet, these people will make you feel better about your lack of achievements over the last month.

So tell your boss not to bother you for the next 5 minutes or so, put your coffee down, lean back in your chair, slip your feet onto your office desk and prepare to laugh your ass of at other people's misfortune.

Go on. You deserve it.


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