'Fan-O-Rama': Watch This Incredible Thirty Minute Live-Action Futurama Fan Film

Back in the summer of 2016 (remember that?) the trailer dropped for a live-action version of Futurama. This fan film, called Fan-O-Rama, was a labor of love and the group behind it, Cinema Relic, had seemingly been beavering away on it without anyone's knowledge.

Of course all that changed when the trailer hit the internet and everyone went nuts for it. Mainly because the characters had been brought to life with a fan's affection and were very accurately realised—which also meant they looked rather bizarre too (especially Leela).

But, for anyone who likes Futurama and its geeky gags, which should be everyone, it was exciting. Now the final unofficial film has been released by the filmmakers and it's quite something.

At 30 minutes long it's around the same length as an episode of the show, although it does have an extended 10 minute hypnotoad scene at the end.

The plot centers around the Planet Express crew’s doomsday device delivery and features all the main chatacters and some other favs too. All the effects were done mainly with prosthetics, puppetry, and miniatures which is impressive, if slightly uncanny-looking.

“I wanted it to have a real feel to it, because CGI is great, but I feel like there is a quality of life that you have when you shoot a practical prop, especially if you have the right textures and stuff that you just brings it all together." director Dan Lanigan told Inverse.

All in all it's a splendid effort and a great tribute to a great show, if a little cartoony. But that's no bad thing. Check it out above. And below have a look at how it was made in a behind-the-scenes by YouTube channel Tested.